The vision is borned in the public

The vision is borned in the public

Now the vision is born for real and the seed has been sown in public 😀

Child of Gaia is a vision of an organization by the same name.

It is a vision on a new way to be, to lean and not least to co-create.

For now the vision is a seed. A seed that has just been sown i the soil. The intention is no longer just an intention, but is a seed in the soul. Now the seed needs to be watered, fertilized, getting sun and rain and heat, and last but not least lots for love and support in the process.

The journey starts with a learning process. Step by step we will get more and more knowledge to be able live this vision. I will interview experts in different areas in the vision. All together  this will help to inspire to find the optimal way in creating the vision in the physical plane.

I you want to witness the journey you can subscribe to the news mail, and you will know when there is new information and new interviews on the website. For now 2 interviews are planed and with more to come.

Do you have any ideas to whom I should talk to and/or interview, please write to me using the contact form.

Lots of love Thirajane