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Dorothy McClean
Interview with Dorothy McClean, one of the founders of Findhorn in Skotland.


Mary Reynolds  talks about rewilding the Nature.
You can read more about her and her work on Facebook or on her website
“To restore a wild, diverse ecosystem, we do not want to plant anything UNLESS the land is damaged and devoid of viable native seeds.
Arking asks that you take your time, scrape away your monoculture grass lawns, then wait and watch what emerges from the earth in your Ark.
Remove any non native invasive plants as these will not share the space, and will not support local native ecosystem development.
If there is a need to help develop the ecosystem we ask that you collect local weed seeds and reboot the ecosystem using these.
Locally sourced native tree seeds are also vital or cuttings from old stock native hedgerows.
But, hopefully, if you are patient, you will see that nature has it all in hand.”


Listen to Dave Goulsons TEDx talk about the importance of why we all need to learn to love insects.

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