The vision

The vision

Child of Gaia is a vision of an organization by the same name.

It is a vision of a new way of being, learning and co-creating. A new way of living in balance with mother Earth and our fellow travellers her on this planet.


CHILD OF GAIA – the vision

Creation of a community where we create a kind of working-“lab” on how to live in balance with mother Earth and all the beings (physical and non-physical) that lives around and with us, while we are living it. Learning by doing.

The most important is co-creation across species. Humans, animals, plants, nature beings Sidhe, elementals, angels, “devas” etc. – they must all be heard in this creating “lab”. How do we create the ultimate place in balance where everyone live their highest passion and attend across of species? All posts are to be filled by those who are passionate about researching within exactly the area they are exploring.

Key words for areas where we explore how to find balance and co-create across species in non-categorized order (may many more come):
Herbal medicine
Wild edible plants
Wild nature
Permaculture houses
Modern off-grid possibilities
Healthy water supply
Free of chemicals.
Like Findhorn in the early days
Healing gardens
Co-creation with all living beings
Ley lines
New ways of social relations
Forms of communication
New ways to learn
Prototype of the new society

Creation of a new prototype for a new way to live in balance where we give more back to Earth than we take – one that can be copied and spread.

The purpose of this organization is to create and subsequently drive the place, and possibly any new places that will appear later.
Be an inspirer by sharing the collected knowledge and inspire others to live in balance with our dear mother Earth and fellow beings.


At the moment the vision is a seed just put in the soil. The intention is no longer just an intention, it is now a seed being sown. Now the seed needs to be watered, fertilized, having sun, rain and warmth, and especially lots of love and support in the growing process.

The journey starts with a learning process. Step by step we get more knowledge. I will interview experts in different areas in the vision, which will help to form the best way to create the vision as well in idea as in reality.

If you want to be a witness to the journey you can sign up to receive the news mail where I share when new material is added. So far 2 interviews are planed with more to come.

If you have any ideas to whom I should talk and interview, please don’t hesitate to write to me.

Lots of love Thirajane